Staff Testimonials

I love working at NWC because of the unique group of people that you get to work with. Not only the students, but the other staff and parents as well. You get to encounter so many different personalities and views on life that are wonderful to get to interact with. I love that I get to come to work everyday at a place that is different from day to day. It is predictably unpredictable, which keeps you on your toes and makes every day an adventure. I love working here because it is challenging, it tests my patience, creativity, and drive. I get to be around a group of people everyday whose company I enjoy and who can make me smile and laugh, and who help show me how wonderful life is.  I enjoy working with this population because what you see is what you get. There is no need to put up a facade with the students and try to impress them. They like you just as silly and ridiculous as you come. It is really freeing to work in an environment and with people who completely accept you for what you are.

Kelsey Sweet (Former Employee at Northwest’s Child)

NWC, as an organization, is full of very welcoming, accepting people. People come to this job from various backgrounds and no matter what, everyone is nice and helps each individual succeed.”  (I’ve learned from the students) “that no matter what society tells you is wrong with you, you are an individual and you have just as much to contribute to the world as anyone else. This will vary from person to person, but no one person is better, smarter, or moreanything than another person. The students do not judge each other based on their disabilities. I find this to be a beautiful truth and I wish everyone in the world could adopt this principle.

Elizabeth Walker (Former Employee at Northwest’s Child)

I like working at NWC because it’s such a unique experience, and I learn something new every day. The amount of things I have learned from the students goes on and on.  If I had to pick something to generalize it all, it would be perseverance. I enjoy working with this population because it gives me someone to help, and that is what keeps me going daily.  Knowing I helped someone daily.  Something that I wish the general public knew about our students is that our students are just as talented as anyone else.

Eric Solbakken (Employee at Aaron’s Place)

I like working at NWC because everyday is different and everyday I learn something new.  I get to spend time with some of the mostamazing and inspiring people I’ve ever had the privilege to meet.  Plus, we just have so much fun!  At NWC Seattle, we are constantly singing, dancing and laughing!  I love working in an atmosphere of music and joy.  We always have some kind of crazy project or silly art experiment going on.  I enjoy working with this population because they are comfortable being themselves.  They dont feel the need to conform to society.  They are genuine people and are not afraid to be who they are.  I wish the general public knew that our students are people too.  They are smart, hilarious, kind, talented and genuine.

Kelly Jones (Former Employee at NWC Seattle)

I like doing creative-arts activities with clients.  Whether that’s singing in a group, improv games, or quiet craft/drawing time.  I appreciate that NWC encourages learning in multi-faceted ways beyond traditional academic tasks.  And that student learning is often individualized to focus on clients current strengths, capabilities and interests. I’ve learned about communication with and interpreting communication from students that is “more than” verbal or non-verbal.  There are so many non-audible ways clients communicate, facial expressions, American sign language, writing, drawing, body language, and emotional expression.  For example, one of our students has limited spoken language capabilities, but she has an interest in writing and drawing, so we often spell words on paper and she draws pictures to express what we wrote together.

Eryn McGowan (Former Employee at Aaron’s Place and NWC Seattle)

Student Testimonials

After High School, there was not a lot for me to do, and I read an article in the newspaper about Aaron’s Place and decided to give it a shot.  Since I’ve been here they have become like a second family…

What is your favorite outing?

I like going to get frozen yogurt at Yogurtland on the Hill

What are some things you like doing at Aaron’s Place?

“I like hanging out with friends, trivia, and going to job sites. It gives me something to look forward to everyday.” -Vishal (former student at Aaron’s Place Seattle)

 What is your favorite thing about APB?

“Going out for lunch and listening to music and dancin.”

    Do you get excited to come to APB?

    “Yeah…cause everyone like me.”

    What is your favorite field trip?

    “Summer concerts.”

    Anthony (student at Aaron’s Place Seattle)

Why did you decide to come to Aaron’s place?

“Because it’s fun and that’s the reason.”

What is it about Aaron’s place that is different from other programs/camps you have been to?

“The reason why I like this program is everyone here and that’s the reason.”

If you met someone in need of a place like Aaron’s Place, how would you describe it to them? 

“It’s a program over at Country Village that does field trips and job sites like Fred Meyer and Safeway.  And that’s all I’m telling you, I’m just telling you the truth and not trying to lie.”

Levi (student at Aaron’s Place Mill Creek)

What do you like to do at Aaron’s place? 

“Play football with Vince and Eric.  Play Sequence with friends.
I like to plan my birthday in August.”

What is your favorite field trip?

“My favorite is Northgate mall because its fun and I can buy orange chicken.”

What do you like about Aaron’s place?

“Helping my friends feels good, and makes me happy. “

Joey (Student at Aaron’s Place Seattle)

What is your favorite thing about Aaron’s place Kirkland (APK)?

“The volunteer jobs and we get to go on cool field trips like the Aquarium and during the summers we get to have BBQ’s.”

Why did you decide to come to APK?

“because my parents decided to bring me here because they found it and I graduated from LWHS.”

If someone asked you about APK, what would you tell them?

“I could give them the address and tell them it’s in Kirkland on 3rd avenue South. And they could contact Lindsey to get more information about APK.”

Tell me something cool about yourself?

“I have a good sense of humor, I like to learn about where people come from, I have a good personality, I like US states , the presidents and I like car license plates.”

Michael (FormerStudent at Aaron’s Place Kirkland)

Why do you like to go to NWC?

“Play piano.  Because I want to go to NWC because so much fun. Friends.  I want to have fun.  Go for walk, play Uno.  That’s it.”

Ivy (Former Student at NWC Seattle)

Why do you like to go to NWC?

“Cause I get to go on the computer.  Snack.  Play outside.  I like to go to the playground on the field trip.”

Bryanna (Student at NWC Seattle)

Do you like coming here?


What makes Aaron’s place special to you?

“Cool.  Fun.  Great.”

What is one of your favorite things to do when you come here?

“Read books.”

If someone asked you if they should come to Aaron’s place, what would you say?

“Hi.  Hello.”

Erin (Student at Aaron’s Place Kirkland)