Northwest’s Child is dedicated to maintaining safety. Any student or employee must complete a required home screening, including a temperature check before coming in. We will temp check each staff and student twice a day at each site.  The required form can be found HERE. No one will be allowed at any NWC/AP site who has not completed this screening.

Click Here for Students and Employee COVID-19 Screening and Attestation Form

Northwest’s Child’s Covid 19 Response

Northwest’s Child is following cleaning, sanitizing, and hygiene procedures laid out by Washington state DOH. Please reference the link below for specific protocols

DO NOT send students to NWC under any circumstances if they are experiencing any physical symptoms of illness (list of symptoms on attestation screening form) There are no exceptionsOur staff will be following these same guidelines and will not attend work if sick. Seasonal allergies may cause sneezing/coughing/nose-running and, unfortunately, means that a student or staff will need to stay home and get a covid test.

All NWC and AP staff and students are required to fill out and submit an attestation form before attending each day. No volunteers or parents are allowed in any NWC/AP building at this time. 

Upon arrival into any NWC/AP building, all staff and students must wash their hands with soap and water. 

NWC has invested in PPE equipment including masks (cloth and disposable) bleach, gloves, sanitizer, face shields and no touch thermometers. We will be taking students and staff’s temperatures when they arrive at NWC each day. Anyone with temperatures above 100 degrees will be sent home.

Parents/Guardians of NWC students must inform the Head Teacher and directors if a student tests positive for COVID-19. If a staff or student becomes sick and tests positive for COVID-19: Because viral transmission of COVID-19 is possible for 48 hours before showing symptoms of illness, anyone who is in close contact with a positive case during this period will be ordered by the Department of health to quarantine in their home for 14 days. Per HIPAA guidelines, we cannot provide the name of the positive case as it is private health information.

If someone in the same household as a student tests positive for COVID-19 or has a suspected case of COVID-19 (awaiting test results), then please see the link below and follow the WA DOH guidance.

To know when it is safe to return to seeing people as well as return to NWC/AP please refer to the link below

NWC staff will be wearing either cloth or disposable masks. They will wear gloves when assisting students in the bathroom, with any personal care, and when assisting in feeding and medication administration, or any other kind of close contact. We cannot require that all our students wear masks as we understand that many will not or cannot wear them. If students can/will tolerate wearing masks or face shields, they should wear them to NWC. NWC will provide masks for students and staff, if they do not have them. We encourage parents/guardians to practice mask wearing with students now. If students are able to wear either option, it is preferred they do so. If students bring their own masks to Northwest’s Child, please label them with student’s names, either written on or on a sewn in tag.

Disinfecting/Cleaning Protocol

Northwest’s Child will be diligent when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting. Bathrooms will be disinfected after each use. Vans will be disinfected after each ride.

Staff will have constant access to disinfectant to keep high touch surfaces disinfected. Each staff will have a holster with hand sanitizer on them at all times to increase the access to hand sanitizer for both staff and students.  Staff will clean at the end of each day to thoroughly clean and disinfect for the next day. We want to stress that sending students back to NWC upon re-opening is completely voluntary.

Attestation and Screening Protocol

Each staff and student are required to fill out an attestation screening form before entering NWC/AP each day.
In addition to this form, each student and staff will have their temperatures taken before entering the building and will wash their hands upon entry as well as throughout out the day.