A message from the staff at Northwest’s Child Seattle:

“Northwest Child Seattle creates a safe haven for our kids where they can be who they want to be and fully express themselves. Our location is constantly filled with music, laughter, and general cheerfulness.  We encourage a positive and energetic attitude in our students every day.  We provide a wide array of projects, community outings, and activities for our students. Our students engage in arts and crafts, baking projects, physical fitness activities, and I.E.P’s on a daily to weekly basis. We strive to provide independence, social skills, and building relationships with other students and staff to make for a smooth transition into adulthood.  Our central location allows us interaction with the community, such as, walks to Greenlake, attending Bishop Blanchet High School sporting games, and the occasional visit to downtown Seattle.”


Contact us:

Phone: 206-526-2493

1823 N 85th St, Seattle, WA 98103.