Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay?

Families have a variety of options of funding their child’s care at Northwest’s Child/Aaron’s place. Funding may change based on your child’s age. Please contact us to determine exactly what kind of funding you may be able to use with your child at NWC/Aaron’s place.

What do you do on an average day?

Our school aged programs work on each student’s IEP goals and objectives that are created through their
schools.  In addition, the teachers and staff work with the students on independent living skills, vocational skills and social skills, based on their individual skill levels.  We also offer arts & crafts, music, physical activities and many outings and field-trips into the community.
Our adult program focuses very much on the same things, however, there is more emphasis on vocational skills and independent living skills.  All programs run off of each student’s IEP, whether it’s from the current year or their transitional IEP.  Our main goal is to provide a fun, active and purposeful day for all of our students.

Do you offer care on nights and weekends?

We provide evening and weekend care on an as-needed basis.

Do you offer care during school breaks and summer breaks?

Yes, Northwest’s Child and Aaron’s Place are year round programs.  Please contact us for more information.

How are you funded?

Northwest’s Child is a non-profit agency.  We receive grants, individual donations and In-kind gifts.  We also receive many services and entry into local events for free or at greatly reduced cost.
In this way, we can keep our costs to families as low as possible.

How can I donate?

For information on donating, please contact us either by phone or email.  We will also have a link on the web site to make a tax-deductible donation.  For items, in-kind gifts or services, please contact us.

Do I provide lunch or do you?

We ask that families supply the lunches for their kids.  Because so many of our students have very specialized dietary needs and/or require foods prepared a specific way, it is best to have this provided by the family.

Do you do toileting?

Yes, we provide any and all personal care services necessary for each student.

What are your hours?

Northwest’s Child’s office hours are from 11:00 to 6:00 Monday through Friday.
The school aged programs operate from 11:00 to 6:00 Monday through Friday on regular school days and 9:00 am to 6:00 Monday through Friday on full days.
The adult programs operate from 9:30 to 5:00 Monday through Friday
Any In-home care is offered regardless of the time, 24 hours a day.

What’s the next step?

Down load a copy of our In-take form, fill it out and send it to the email address listed.  You can also contact us by phone and we can go over these questions together.

How are your staff qualified for caring for my child?

The Head Teachers of Northwest’s Child and Aaron’s Place are very well trained and educated in the field or a related field.  It is a requirement for our lead staff to have formal education as well as experience in the field.  In addition, we provide on going training and education that is required of all Lead Staff.  Our assistants are also very well trained.   Many of our assistants are currently attending college to further their education in the field.  We recruit the kind of people who see this as a crucial part of who they are as an individual and want to make a difference in the lives of those with special needs.  Northwest’s Child provides on going training and resources for all staff.