As apart of our “Fall into Kindness” month we take time to focus on being kind to others for no reason at all, to give back to the community that generously gives to us and to make someones day a little better. We have designed two shirts that help continue our message. Please take a second to read why we chose the words that we chose for our shirts.

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choose kindness flat pic

Choose Kindness…  You may be thinking “well, of course we should all be kind.”  But it’s not that easy nor that simple.  Each and every day we are all faced with hundreds of choices.  We typically make those choices immediately and without much thought. We are all guilty sometimes of living our lives with blinders on, always in a hurry with seemingly no time to spare. To choose kindness is to intentionally take the time to go out of your way to stop and think of the needs of another.  Kindness is slowing down and hold the door for the person behind you, to pick up the item dropped by someone unaware they had dropped it.  Kindness is sharing a smile with a complete stranger for no other reason than to care that you’re given them a reason to smile back.  Kindness is when you ask “how are you”, really listening and caring about the answer.   It’s the “good deed” of emotions. Kindness is putting empathy, tolerance and compassion into an action.  To choose kindness is to risk personal inconvenience for a moment simply to benefit another. Kindness takes effort, it isn’t an easy choice, but it is always the right choice. So when those situations begin to cross your path and you’re faced with a choice …Choose Kindness.

Be the example flat pic

Be the example…This philosophy has been a part of Northwest’s Child since its inception.  For some, it might simply mean doing the right thing, for others its being a good role model.  But being the example can mean so much more.  It means to challenge ourselves to not let our fears become our barrier to do what’s right. It means getting out of our comfort zone and be willing to stand out and be the voice for those that are voiceless.  It means stepping up and giving of ourselves when those around us won’t.  It means showing our students that we must all strive to do and be better, no matter how high the risk of failure or how great the obstacles facing us.  It means embracing our own differences and uniqueness with grace and humor then sharing them with the world with pride.  It means that if we ask those with limitations or challenges to strive to be their best self and never give up, we must be willing to be the example and lead the way by continuing to be our best selves first.

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