Northwest’s Child is a year round day program for children,  teens and young adults with special needs. Northwest’s child is broken up into two divisions: Northwest’s Child school-aged and Northwest’s Child Aaron’s Place (referred to as Aaron’s Place).

What exactly is Northwest’s Child? Find out here!

Northwest’s Child (school aged):  Northwest’s Child is a valuable extension to each student’s school day and increases their chances of mastering the many goals they strive to achieve.  NWC adjusts its schedule to serve clients when schools have early dismissals and breaks.  NWC staff work with our students on the IEP (individualized education program) goals created by their schools.  NWC focuses on community integration by frequent outings, fieldtrips and volunteers.

Aaron’s Place:  Aaron’s Place was created to address the serious need for full day services for young adults with special needs that have recently graduated from high school.  Aaron’s Place clients are 21 years of age or older.  Aaron’s Place offer’s independent living skills, community integration, socialization and peer friendships.  Aaron’s Place takes daily fieldtrips in the greater Seattle/King County and Snohomish area.