Due to a rare tie in our nominees for our August EOTM, we have two very deserving people to feature this month!

Danielle Despain is one of our Employees of the Month for August.  Danielle has worked with Northwest’s Child since January of 2014, first as an assistant and currently as a lead teacher at our Lynnwood site. Danielle has an upbeat and outgoing personality that works perfectly with the students of Northwest’s Child.  She truly enjoys the kids and uses her creativity to plan all types of activities and outings for them.  She gives just the right amount of nurture with structure and clear expectations that help the her young students find success.  You will always see Danielle smiling regardless of what the day brings. We are so lucky to have Danielle in our Northwest’s Child family!  Congratulations Danielle, for all your hard work and patience! Thank you Danielle!

Eric Solbakken is our second Employee of the Month for August.  Eric worked for Northwest’s Child for many years before moving on to work for the Special Education Department of Shorewood High School. Eric has been a big part of the Northwest’s Child family and recently had the opportunity to work for us during our 2019 summer session. Eric was able to walk right back into the routine working with a number of program sites and providing a wonderful support for both Aaron’s Place sites as well as Northwest’s Child sites to fill where needed. He brings his great sense of humor and even-keeled attitude to each day.  Eric has been a valuable and very positive addition over the summer and the staff and students have been thrilled to see and work with him again. Thank you Eric for everything you’ve done for us over these few months.  You will always be a part of the Northwest’s Child family! Congratulations Eric!